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Welcome to the Room of Requirement

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This should have went without saying but...

Giving information regarding the end of Deathly Hollows = Spoiler. Even if it's a mild spoiler.

Don't do it. I know, if people are stupid enough to read the comm before they're done, they get whatever's coming to them, but a little courtesy can go a long way.

We're all adults here and capable of being respectful of one another, right?

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that's fine i just deleted the entry.. i made that opinion before i read the book.

sorry seems i can't do any thing right .


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Seeing that this community doesn't have a button yet, I took the liberty to make one

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Feel free to use

(Posted with seidoo_ryu's approval - thanks, Sara! ^_^ I'm glad you like it)
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Here's a question that probably has a fairly (and ridiculously) simple answer:

How do the Weasley twins know how to operate the Marauder's Map?

There obviously aren't instructions on it. I highly doubt that any of the Marauders bothered to leave instructions with Filch on how to use the map. Using a revealing charm (as Snape tried to do) doesn't seem to work (unless that was unique to Snape, considering the enmity between him and the Marauders). And none of the Marauders were around to explain to Fred and George how the map was used.

What really frustrates me is I just finished a read through PoA. So I feel kind of silly for missing it, if the answer is in the book in a fairly obvious setting. But it's bothering me enough to wonder--how did they figure out how to use that map?

Any ideas?

(...I just know I'm going to kick myself when I learn the answer...)

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I have always been confused on the whole "Pure-Blood" issue and HBP didn't help.

Various points (paraphrased cause I don't have my books):
In SS, at the robes shop, Draco asks Harry if he is "the right sort." Harry replies that his parents were a witch and a wizard. This appears to be acceptable to Draco. Conclusion: a child of muggleborn magic-users would be considered "pure."

In CoS, some guy, who's name escapes me, announces that he is pure-blooded back seven generations. He apparently is attempting to defend himself. Conclusion: more is better, though that doesn't go against the conclusion of the first book.

Don't recall anything particularly from PoA.

In GoF we discover it is acceptable to interbreed with non-human magical creatures, though some (veelas) are better than others (giants). The offspring is still pure.

In OotP, they discuss how inter-bred the group of "pure" families is. Most everyone is second or third cousin to everyone else. This doesn't seem sensible to me.

In HBP, we see how stupid overbreeding is: the Gaunt family has continuously married first cousins. There is not enough genetic material left to scrape together a full person (as Eddie Izzard would put it). This can't have gone unnoticed by the magical community.

Also in HBP, Hermione says something to the effect that "There are no pure bloods." This tends to go against the conclusion of the first book, since it implies there is some number of generations one must have without muggles.

So how pure is pure? Where is the cut-off?
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My thoughtsCollapse ) Okay, enough musing, what do you think?
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First of all, a short intro from me. I'm Caroline from Australia, directed here by nesmith. I enjoy the books, but am not involved in the fandom and I am indifferent about the movies. Anyway, onto my "analysis" of The Half Blood Price.

Cut just in case there are people here who haven't read it yetCollapse )
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Welcome to the Room of Requirement! I got the idea to create this community when I realized that it's difficult to find a place where you can just discuss the books without getting knotted up in the fandom. I decided that I wanted to create a place where you could do just that, where one could speak freely and not have to worry about sparking off a fandom war, because fandom wouldn't be a part of the community.

Zanne and I are still working out the kinks, but seeing as how there weren't many kinks in the first place, we're ready and open for business. So post away! I know I've been itching to talk about the 6th book since I finished reading it, and I can't be the only one. If someone else would like the honors of starting the first topic, the floor is open.

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