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Here's a question that probably has a fairly (and ridiculously)…

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Here's a question that probably has a fairly (and ridiculously) simple answer:

How do the Weasley twins know how to operate the Marauder's Map?

There obviously aren't instructions on it. I highly doubt that any of the Marauders bothered to leave instructions with Filch on how to use the map. Using a revealing charm (as Snape tried to do) doesn't seem to work (unless that was unique to Snape, considering the enmity between him and the Marauders). And none of the Marauders were around to explain to Fred and George how the map was used.

What really frustrates me is I just finished a read through PoA. So I feel kind of silly for missing it, if the answer is in the book in a fairly obvious setting. But it's bothering me enough to wonder--how did they figure out how to use that map?

Any ideas?

(...I just know I'm going to kick myself when I learn the answer...)

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On July 29th, 2005 12:40 pm (UTC), dorothywwom commented:
The map responded to Snape, didn't it? Rather rudely, but in context to what was happening at the time. So the map had a little sentience. Maybe the twins were talking about a prank near the map and it responded?
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